It is my pleasure to welcome you to this website, which gives me an opportunity to let you know more about the rich academic and cultural environment at our school.

Whether you are students, parents, or teachers, thank you for your interest in American Gulf Bilingual School and I will take the opportunity to communicate with you.

Our mission at AGBS is to educate individuals to be lifelong

Learners , possessing the necessary skills, knowledge , and creativity , to function and flourish in a rapidly changing society.

The school is not just about the quality of learning and teaching , but it is also about creating a warm , enthusiastic and exciting environment in which young people can learn , create and innovate to succeed. We are committed to providing a quality education with high expectations ; we believe in the importance of both cognitive and affective learning ; we are dedicated to educating and providing our students with a safe , happy and nurturing learning environment ; we offer our students a range of activities and opportunities designed to promote excellence , success , confidence and self-esteem.

With a strong academic base we also focus on enhancing every student's creativity . Through Language , Technology , Math and Science , students gain skills to navigate the world , experiencing ample opportunities to explore their own talents , interests and passions.

Our curriculum is based on a balanced combination between US and Kuwait standards. We use US standards and benchmarks for the core subjects such as English Language Math and Science. While Kuwait based standards are used for classes in Arabic Language , Islam and Quran. We have dedicated skilled and wonderful team of staff who are experienced , qualified and committed to providing high quality educational program in a well-organized and disciplined environment and varied learning ways for your child . Our staff, students , and parents will work together to create partnerships include better attendance , improved behavior , a higher quality of education , and safe learning environment . please feel free to contact the school regarding any matter and our staff or I will be pleased to assist you in any way that we can. We look forward to working with you to create a positive educational experience for you and your children. We hope that we will not only meet your expectation but also exceed them. Again we thank you for your support and look forward to a very positive and productive year together .


The principle of the school

MS. Nadeema Fyez